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1. How do I book the Band?

You can contact us by phone, email, post or online to discuss your event.

All the details you need are on our ‘how to book the band’ page.

2. I have an invoice from the Band. How can I pay?

You have several options:

  • You can pay by cash on the day of the performance ‐ just ask for the Treasurer or the Bookings Secretary. If you need a receipt have a copy of your invoice with you and it will be signed and dated to show the fee has been received.

  • You can pay by cheque ‐ make the cheque payable to ‘Cirencester Band’ and post it to the address near the top of your invoice. Please put the invoice number on the back of the cheque.

  • You can pay by bank transfer ‐ the account name, account number and sort code are near the bottom of your invoice. Please use the invoice number as your payment reference.

3. What will it cost to book the band for my event?

It all depends!

The fee charged by the band depends on many things; the date, the length of time the band is on site, the type of performance required, the location, any special music requests, etc.

See our booking pages for more information or contact us as soon as you start planning your event and we will provide a no‐obligation quote.

4. Where can I get a booking form?

You can download a booking form from our ‘how to book the band’ page.

You don’t have to use a booking form for your initial enquiry. You can also phone, email or use our online form. See our contact page for more details.

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